PC Repair Centre

Our fully equipped PC repair centre is located within Falkirk Computer Shop which can be found at 166 Grahams Road, Falkirk, FK2 7BY.

Services Offered

Our skilled computer specialists can diagnose and repair all types of computer problem. Whether your PC will not start up, or it is bugged down with viruses, we can help.

Fixed Cost Repairs

You don’t have to worry about hidden costs and unexpected billing when you come to us. We are honest and upfront about our charges and will quote you a set fee which covers our labour and your PC being fixed.

Opening Hours

Our PC Repair Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Other Services

  • Upgrades

Do you need a memory upgrade, a larger hard drive or even a better graphics card?
Our computer specialists can recommend the right upgrade for your PC, and then install it for you.

  • Virus check and removal

Is your PC bugged down with viruses and error messages that you just don’t understand?

A Falkirk Computer Shop computer specialist can help you. They will perform de-bugging and run virus checks, and then clean your files – removing viruses, spyware and other bugs from your PC.

  • Data Services

Have you bought a new PC and want to transfer all the data from your old PC to the new one? This can be done by us. Also, we provide a data recovery service and we can back up all of your current data so that you will never lose your important files or precious family photos.

  • PC Health Check

Give your PC a yearly health check just like you would get a yearly service or MOT on your car.
Your computer needs regular maintenance or a health check by one of our computer specialists can increase the performance of your computer.

Cleaning the build-up of old files, removing unwanted software, installing new Windows updates, eradicating viruses and spyware, a complete clean of hardware, and much more

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  • Falkirk Computer shop, offers a range of Laptops .

  • We offer from pre-built beginners laptops right the way up to custom build gaming laptops

  • Call us on 01324 808741 for more details.

Callout Service

  • Falkirk Computer shop, offers a fixed cost callout service .

  • Virus Removal, wireless network problems, printer setup these are just some of the onsite services we can provide.

  • Call us on 01324 808741 for more details.

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